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All aspects were explained to us from the initial appraisal right thru to the sale & handing over of the keys. Selling by deadline sale meant everything happened quickly so we appreciated the time spent with us during this process to keep everything on track.

                                                                            - Greg and Ann

I found Anthony very easy to deal with; he was attentive without being pushy.

Anthony did his best to supply any information I required and I would certainly recommend him to anyone wanting to buy or sell.   


                                                                                                     - Pat



This relates to the concept of value and what I do differently from others. Many salespeople don’t focus on value and this can be to the detrimental to the sale of a property.


When it comes to working with people I stick closely to the 3 C’s, COMMITMENT, COMMUNICATION AND COMPETENCY, and work through a thorough process of 7 keys.


Commitment, If a buyer calls and wants to see the home at 8pm, I will make myself available. If you want to meet me at 7pm every Monday to discuss the week's activity, I will be there. If I don’t send you a rundown every Tuesday you can fire me. That’s commitment.

Would other salespeople offer this?


Communication is hugely important and ties in with the above,often others will communicate with you on their terms rather than listening to what vendors require but I will work closely to understand the when, how, and what’s with you as everyone is different with different requirements.


Competency is, of course, huge with the compliance nature of real estate but there also needs to be the ability to work with people. Having had years of experience in sales and coaching golf along with a lifetime of living within customer service industries, gives me important skills that are not natural to some.

One of my specialties is being competent in building relationships, that is hugely important.

Related to this is knowing your area. Statistically, I will research all sales in your area as part of my presentation and appraisal.

12 Gwendoline Street SOLD    

28/64 Kawaha Point Road SOLD

58/64 Kawaha Point Road SOLD

3B Corlett Street SOLD    

54B Otonga Road SOLD 

9 Frisken Place SOLD

55/64 Kawaha Point Road SOLD

56/64 Kawaha Point Road SOLD

13 Arthur Street SOLD

21 Milton Grove SOLD

22/64 Kawaha Point Road SOLD

29/64 Kawaha Point Road SOLD

53/64 Kawaha Point Road SOLD

57/64 Kawaha Point Road SOLD

48 James Street SOLD

The 7 Keys To Success In Selling

I built the 7 keys to sales success around fundamental processes structured to give your home the best chance to sell at the best price. Each step is a base and can be flexible as each home is in a different space in regards to the timing of the sale.

The 7 Keys:

  1. Planning

  2. Compliance

  3. Interior Maintenance Plan

  4. Exterior Maintenance Plan

  5. De-clutter and Clean

  6. Styling

  7. Marketing


  • Statistic check and present-market conditions

  • Key supplier list

  • House W.O.F

  • Outline any key areas to add value

  • List of repairs and maintenance

  • Establish key dates and deadlines

  • Compliance procedures

  • Establish potential target audiences


Some of these may seem tedious but don’t you want to be fully informed and ready.
I will guide you through all of these.



  • CMA presentation and analysis

  • AML Process

  • Listing Authority

  • Council file if required


  • Fix/Replace

  • Paint/Update

  • What needs to be changed?

  • What budgets are we working with?

  • Refer to the plan we have already established



  • Entrance Improvements-looking in from the road

  • Gardens, trees and landscaping

  • Paint or replace

  • Work through the plan and prioritise the most important aspects.


  • Deep clean

  • Start the process


  • Get the home ready to be on show

  • What do people want to see

  • Re-organise the space


  • Photos

  • Video

  • Adds

  • Online

  • Upgrades

  • Open Homes

  • Key Dates


Does any other salesperson produce all this for you?