10 Things to fix before you sell your home.

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Goal: Prospective buyers will look for any aspects to deduce their buying offer. The goal is to reduce these small things as much as possible.

1. Touch up and paintwork that needs to be done

2. Fix any old evidence of roof leaks (as long as actually fixed)

3. Get any rotton boards fixed

4. Any leaking taps? Fix or replace

5. Repair any damage to walls

6. Every door and window should work easily

7. Electrical plugs and light switche. Check all work. If not get them fixed

8. Any chattels need to be in working condition

9. Get the carpet cleaned

10. Fix any guttering issues

Each house has its own requirements and its best to get myself in to help you decide what needs to be done first. Dont hesitate to call me.

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