Our Low Maintenance Garden

To go along with my video on our mission to create a low maintenance garden here are my tips.

Now, I must admit that we are not garden enthusiests mainly due to a lack of time. I actually think this is becomming more and more common these days as many people dont want to be stuck in their garden on the weekends. I get asked a lot for low maintenance properties so bare this in mind when thinking of selling.

We have a large section, full of roses and what are nice trees. The issue is keeping up with the weeds and trimming. We are now looking to rent out our property so we needed to do something to make it easy for the new tennant. We dont want to have to come in and attack a jungle if neglected.

When selling making it tidy and lower maintenance may also allow the buyer to see it not as a burdon but rather an asset that needs mininum effort to maintain.

So this is what we did.

We cleared an overgrown part of the section and only kept a cherry tree and a Japanese maple. The cherry produced some lovely fruit this year due to more sun so next year should be a good crop.

We then put weed matt down and work our way around the property and included 8 different areas. Thats right 8 different garden areas.

We then decided to use lime stone and got 3 cubic meters last Saturday. We spread this by hand one wheelbarrow at a time so it was an all day affair.

Finally we decided to add some contract around the plants by using black bark. We got 1 cubic meter of this and spead this around. We made sure there was room by the base of each tree to prevent rott.

The end result was a very tidy garden area. It looks more modern now and should be easy for thein coming tennant to maintain.

The time for us to do this was likely 20 hours

The cost for the materials was around the $1000

Good luck with you renovations

Ant Barkley

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