Pricing Method Of Marketing

Sales methods are always an important conversation with vendors so today I will talk about one of my favourite methods, pricing your property.

In the current market its common to see Deadline Treaty or Price By Negotiation when you look through listings. I will discuss these options in another blog but the reasons I like to price properties are as follows:

People will be attracted to your home if it’s in their specific price range. I have had many frustrated buyers talk with me about how they don’t know if properties that are not priced are affordable for them. At least with priced properties you know where you stand.

One negative aspect is that people may choose not to inspect the property due to the high or low price. Then generally a buyer will offer less than what the asking price is unless it goes into a multi offer situation where is often goes above asking price.

Salespeople will often talk about how the market will determine the price of a house. No price marketing allows for all to have the opportunity to compete for ownership where priced relies heavily on the agent to coordinate all interested buyers.

A Salesperson will talk all vendors through the options and may suggest a certain method to suit that home. Will we see more and more priced properties on the market? Time will tell.

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