Why Rotorua?

I have been living in Rotorua for a long time now and I guess you start to take things for granted. I was just down at the lake today doing a video and it was beautiful so this has inspired me to list a few write about why you should come to Rotorua.

Get out of the rat race

Rotorua is easy to get around and is less hussle and bussle than the likes of Auckland. We dont have too many traffic jams (if any actually) and you have nature at your doorstep.

Mountain Biking

People come from all over NZ and the world for the mountain bike tracks in Rotorua. They are extensive and new ones are opening often. Its certainly the growth area in Rotorua.


Im a golf pro and was the head professional at the Rotorua Golf Club. We have some great courses including my home club, Rotorua Golf Club. Its a great course and welcomes any new members well.

Central Location

I love the location as its not far from a beach or main city. Only around1.5hrs to Hamilton and 3hrs to Auckland. I head over to the Matata Straight for fishing often.

Housing is well priced

Prices have gone up here in Rotorua but they are still affordable compared to other centers like Tauranga or Auckland. You can get some lovely homes here.

So thats a few reasons why you should move to Rotorua. There are many more that I will outline in future blog articles.


Ant Barkley

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